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"City and County of Denver - 2011 Mayoral Candidate - 2015 Mayoral Candidate - 2019 Mayoral Candidate " Why Rank Choice Voting 2021? To Disenfranchise Voters for the 2022 and 2023 Elections (All) in the City and County of Denver and Entire Colorado for a one rule Party Government. Rank Choice Voting is just another way to water down the elections. and in the case of the "2023 Municipal Elections". Paul Lopez (#paullopez5280) is leading the charge.

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2023 Mayor of Denver Marcus Giavanni Asks Who Will Be Mayor. And Why is "Paul D. Lopez" Trying to mess with "Denver's Elections 2021"

2023 Mayor of Denver Marcus Giavanni Asks Who Will Be Mayor. And Why is "Paul D. Lopez" Trying to mess with "Denver's Elections 2021" This should be Denver's citizens 1st sign that something is not right. Rank Choice is a Federal Voting in Some States leading the way for Federal Ran Elections for the City and County of Denver.

Why Paul D. Lopez, he said he could get Denver to do anything. "Denver Loves Me They Will Always Do what I say" - Paul D. Lopez

2020 Denver Active Voters: 409,755 - Ballots Cast 341,987 - Voter Turnout Percentage 83.46% Turn Out.

YES: Marcus Giavanni Has Filed to Run For : Office of Denver Mayor 2023 : Race Jan 3, 2022

#mayorhancock - @mayorhancock - Mayor Michael B. Hancock last day in Mayor's Office July 17, 2023. And Ex-Mayor Michael B. Hancock will have no choice but to talk with the newly elected Mayor of Denver. To help build the City and County of Denver The Most Powerful City in The Word.

"The Last 10 Years from 2011 thru 2021; and the Karma Always starts with the elections. And Now 10 years Later the Newly elected Paul Lopez Denver Clerk and Recorder. Wants to see how far he can get Denver Voters to move an election day. That Denver voters have known for decades what day election day is. Now Paul Lopez 5280 wants to move the date. So, 400,000+ voters won't be disenfranchised"." My question to Paul is, why do you think Denver voters are so ignorant they dont know how to vote, where to vote, and yes. Our Minority brother's and sister's know how to read write, and drive. Paul must be thinking of the 1.4 million migrants coming across our boarders effecting a city near you. where they will place these democratic voters to take the jobs, restaurants, from the families with money back home.

The Percentage of Voter Turn out is 83.46% this is higher than Denver' High School Graduation rate at Denver County 1 - Anticipated Year Of Graduation: Class of 2020:

Graduation Rate: 74.6%

Graduate Total: 4,626

Graduation Base: 6,197

Completion Rate: 76.4%

Completers Total:

4,734 Completers

Base: 6,197:

Question: What happend to the deficit of 1571 Graduation Base who did not graduate. Is this Denver's homeless population?

GP7A News - Entertainment Above Music video: "Gonna Go To The Super Bowl Song 2020" It was Co-Directed and Produced by Marcus Giavanni and filmed in Miami, Florida November 18, 2019, and 10 days later after leaving Miami to Denver. Marcus Giavanni Became very ill on the 14th day. Marcus Giavanni Contracted; Covid-19 Virus. Marcus Giavanni did not know at the time it was Covid-19. But later he tested positive for the virus.

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